Stay with me while I blow your minds with the wonder that is this elite marching activity.
  1. To help make my point, think of high school football.
  2. Now think of the NFL.
  3. Drum corps is the NFL of the marching band world.
  4. We are 501 (c)(3) non profit organizations all over the country and the world.
  5. Made up of members around age 15
  6. to age 21, when they officially "age out" of the activity.
  7. The 150 members of these corps travel the country all summer long
  8. practicing 14 hours a day outside on a football field
  9. to compete against each other every night
  10. performing the same 11 minute show all summer.
  11. Drum corps contain brass, percussion, and color guard.
  12. We travel in charter buses all summer,
  13. sleep on gym floors
  14. and eat out of a semi truck converted into a food truck.
  15. We survive on on our member fees
  16. as well as volunteer support.
  17. Each corps staff is made up of world class instructors and musicians.
  18. Our parent organization is Drum Corps International
  19. These members, staff, and volunteers are some of the hardest working people you will ever meet.
  20. These are life changing experiences
  21. And the people you meet will become lifelong friends
    My parents met marching drum corps. I met my fiancé marching drum corps.
  22. Oh and it's "core" not "corpse"
  23. Here's some videos
    Some of my personal favorites
  24. The 2007 World Champions: The Blue Devils
  25. The 2011 World Champions: The Cadets
  26. The 1989 World Champions: The Santa Clara Vanguard
  27. I am currently a full time administrator for the The Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps
  28. We formed in 1974 in Philadelphia, but relocated and are now celebrating our 10th year in Texas
  29. There is so much history and culture with this activity
  30. It's impossible to talk about it all here
  31. But it's such an important activity, I will always share.
  32. #growdrumcorps