1. I get that this is a superhero origin story.
  2. What I'm sick of is all the same tired stories.
  3. Oh no, she's transferred her power.
  4. Look, there's an angry old white male army general who hates change and all things "un-American" (cough cough, aliens)
  5. The smug Lex Luther type who hates the Supers, just because he's bitter and jealous.
    Obviously growing into a big baddie who for whatever reason Alex is going to fall for.
  6. There are so many good moments.
  7. Like Cat's real talk about being a powerful woman who has it all.
    She's the best mentor.
  8. Great supporting actors
    I say supporting but Jeremy Jordan and Mehcad Brooks are stealing this show.
  9. Melissa Benoist, crushing it.
  10. I'm just sick of old, tired stories.
  11. And not enough Laura Benanti.