1. The water is red
  2. It's everywhere
  3. Am I hurt?
  4. I don't feel hurt
  5. Where is this coming from?
  6. This is it
  7. This is the end
  8. I'm gonna bleed out in this shower
  9. This shower in a half clogged drain so it's kinda a shallow bath for my feet
  10. And the water is a pale pink
  11. It's pretty if you don't think about the fact that it's blood
  12. I didn't realize it wouldn't hurt
  13. The bleeding out
  14. From wherever it is that I'm hurt
  15. But it's 1:00 am on a Friday night! This can't be it.
  16. Maybe I can find my open wound
  17. It must be HUGE for this much constant blood pouring from it
  18. Wait
  19. Is it
  20. No, it can't be
  21. My ankle?
  22. Oh the tragedy. Done in by my Achilles!
  23. I must leave the shower and prepare for the end
  24. So much blood coming from that darn ankle
  25. I hope I can get it to stop...
  26. Wait
  27. It's such a tiny little cut
  28. A nick really...
  29. Oh
  30. I was shaving earlier
  31. I must have...
  32. I must have nicked myself
  33. Whoops
  34. Let's just stick a tiny bandaid on that...right there we go
  35. All better