1. Ok. It's a month out.
  2. Let's plan my outfits
  3. I should check the weather first
  4. Like, check averages over the last ten years. Yeah. Then I can start packing.
  5. I should really be writing this all down
  6. I know I need clothes.... It's fine I'll figure it out I have time.
  7. Is it the week of already?
  8. I should really pack. Didn't I make a list so this would be easier?
  9. Oh crap I leave tomorrow and where is my suitcase?
  10. I can just pack in the morning
  11. Yeah. I'll have time before my 5 am flight.
  12. This seemed like such a good idea last night
  13. Next time. Next time I'll pack before the day of
  14. (Day of my next trip) Dammit, Chelsea. Next time.