I'm watching the movies again in preparation for the next one (machete order!) and I'm noticing things I never thought of before and I need the answers.
  1. Does Luke ever find love?
    The poor doomed Skywalker boys.
  2. So C-3PO lives with Owen for like 10 years, and he doesn't recognize him 20 years later?
    The SAVED HIS LIFE kind of know someone. You'd think he would 1) believe in the force and get Han to believe in it too. And 2) idk maybe MENTION SOMETHING TO LUKE THAT HE KNEW THE FREAKING JEDI
  4. At the end of 3, they "have the protocol droid's mind wiped" but not R2-D2?
    This means R2 knows everything! He met everyone, worked for everyone, SAVED EVERYONE. Why doesn't he share the secrets of the universe?!
  5. I get it, Luke is technically Owen and Beru's nephew, but they could have raised him as a son.
    It's not like they had any other kids. Although he probably would not have been him if he knew both parents so ok I get it Lucas.