Wichita, KS , yo. (Also shoutout to OK and MO.)
  1. It's huge.
    The one on 13th has 20 screens. And the IMAX out west seats 601. 601!
  2. Good popcorn
    It's not too buttery. It's also not too oily. You for sure do not think you are actually drinking the popcorn instead of eating it.
  3. Balcony seating for 21 and up.
    Rite of passage.
  4. Plays the best music over the sound system.
    None of those annoying commercials or advertisements.
  5. A lighted velvet curtain covering the screens until the movie starts.
    So elegant.
  6. Only three previews
    Ok. This might be a con because I actually love previews and can never get enough of them.... But only three does mean your movie starts quicker.
  7. A diner!
    Who doesn't love an old fashioned diner?! And you can bring the food in the theatre!
  8. Without a doubt, you will always see someone you know.
    The Warren is the place to be on Thanksgiving and Christmas and really every time all the time.
    Always perfectly decorated. There is great seasonal appropriate music. And it's packed. You will stand in line, but you will see everyone you know and get to share your anticipation for whatever big release you are about to see.
  10. It's just nice
    Everyone is super nice. The building is nice. It's clean. There's no loud doors. They have crying rooms for babies. Workers don't come in and out towards the end of the movie prepping for cleaning. They give you mints as you leave! Customer service smarts.