1. Lee Pace in anything
    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Twilight Breaking Dawn part two.
  2. Andrew Scott in everything
    Bond was great and all but just try and tell me your heart didn't flutter when (not dead!!) Jim Moriarty stepped in to view.
  3. Chip
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    Look. At. That. Face.
  4. Leo Fitz - Agents of Shield
    Iain De Caestecker is nail-ing IT this season.
  5. John Noble - all the time
    I get too excited every time I see him because Walter.
  6. Grant Gustin - The Flash
    Wait. Right. This show is about The Flash and he is The Flash. Well good. He's killing it.
  7. Clark Gregg
    He SHINES in The New Adventures of Old Christine.