1. Paul Bettany
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    I watch Wimbledon more than I should.
  2. Dean Cain
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    Lois and Clark. That is all.
  3. Paul Rudd
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    No description needed.
  4. Chris Hardwick
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    @midnight forever.
  5. Paul Rudd
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    He deserves another picture.
  6. Martin Freeman
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    Look at that face.
  7. Paul Rudd
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    You, dear listers, deserve bearded Paul.
  8. Scott Foley
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    #teamjake and by extension, #teamnoel.
  9. Paul Rudd
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    Last one. Take a long look. No it's not going anywhere, it's just smart to take long looks at that smug mug.
  10. Hugh Laurie
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    Shhhh. Don't think. Just look.
  11. James Spader
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    Who else could work that hat?!
  12. David Duchovny
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    I might or might not have just started The X-Files for the first time.
  13. Clark Gregg
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    Also a scene stealer. SCENE STEALING ACTORS