1. 1.
    Skeeter, the end all be all of my animals.
    My dad had a stuffed monkey named Skeeter when he was a kid, and this was the first thing he bought when my parents found out they were expecting their first kid. Skeeter has gone everywhere with me, through college, and even now when I'm about to move in with my fiancé. I fully plan on buying my first kid a skeeter of their own.
  2. 2.
    Beanie Babies Bat
    For a few months in the first grade I got really interested in bats. Enter the little Beanie Baby bat that I slept with on and off for years.
  3. 3.
    Tigger the giant stuffed animal
    I wish I had a picture... on our second trip to Disney World, my sister and I both got one of those super large stuffed animals. At that time, this thing was about the size of my little 10 year old body. It had it's own seat on the plane ride home. (No, we didn't pay for a seat. As luck would have it, the seat next to mine was empty)
  4. 4.
    It wasn't my first build-a-bear, but it was special because I saved up money FOREVER to buy it for myself, along with one little bear outfit. It promptly sat on my bookshelf where it still sits today. PROUD MAMA
  5. 5.
    Not one, but 20 or so stuffed bunnies.
    Every Easter my parents, and uncle, and usually grandparents when they were alive, would give me a stuffed bunny. For years they lived sitting on top of my big arched window curtain rod and you could see their little ears from the street. This is how we told people to identify our house when visiting for the first time.