The soundtrack for all procrastinators with the same affinity for musicals as me.
  1. Ugh. Good morning, I guess.
    Starting off strong with a power ballad. Only proper way to wake up.
  2. Today's the day I'll do that thing
    Upbeat. Motivational. Full of hope. (Think Mike and Sully's "Put That Thing Back Where It Came From")
  3. I'll do that thing later
    Broadway production. There's a whole break for tap dancing.
  4. Live that binge watching life
    Sort of techno, full of energy and so exciting
  5. No, still not time for that thing
    90s boy band love song. Apologizing to the thing for not doing it yet, but over explaining why it has to be this way.
  6. I should at least think about doing that thing
    The Beatles, Love Me Do, sort of song.
  7. That thing can wait till tomorrow
    Another power ballad. Think Nobody's Side from Chess.
  8. Binge all night long
    Full ensemble, channeling Tonight from West Side Story.