I was so young and naive in fourth grade.
  1. First, there was the boy I had a crush on, a fifth grader named Collin.
    My school had fourth and fifth grade combined, so we were in the same class.
  2. I was convinced he liked this fifth grade girl, Erica.
    There was a whole group of fifth grade girls in my class who all had names ending in "ca".
  3. Erica and the Ca's didn't like me.
    Found this out when a member of the Ca's let slip I wasn't invited to Erica's birthday, because she didn't like me. Whatever. I was teachers pet.
  4. And apparently this was because Erica liked Collin, but he liked me.
    It was my mom who told me this years later. All the moms talked at PTO things.
  5. Enter triangle number two
  6. There was this fourth grade boy named Cody.
  7. He was a little rough, but also really shy.
  8. Valentine's Day rolls around
  9. And I come back from recess to find this huge chocolate heart on my desk that says "Be My Valentine"
    I wish I had a picture. It was truly glorious.
  10. I. Was. Mortified.
    Mostly because I didn't like him and felt bad for him. He just put himself out there, that brave little boy!
  11. A few months go by when
  12. A fight breaks out between Collin and Cody!
    They punched each other! There were black eyes!
  13. It was never confirmed
  14. But the rumors were that they fought over wonderful little fourth grade me.
    Although I was still oblivious and thought Collin liked Erica.
  15. After this Cody switched schools.
    I think he had some fighting at school issues.
  16. Collin gave up and started elementary school dating Erica.
    Here I was playing hard to get and I had no idea.
  17. Erica believed she had won and the Ca's all started to like me.
  18. And little ol' me ended up beating Erica for class president.
    Who's the winner now, hu?!