This is what you find when you travel the country all summer doing my job

June 14- August 14 I traveled the country running a Drum Corps. These are my findings.
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    Duck tour in Hot Springs, Arkansas
    Who knew these car-boats of death were even still happening?
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    Andy Samberg from the class of 1984 in Creston, Ohio
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    Highland Park, New Jersey
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    No shame store front in Allentown, Pennsylvania
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    This one's on us.... Getting stuck in Boston because of a low bridge...
    According to the State Topper who saved us, this happens 1-2 times per week. :/
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    The end of the 4th of July parade my corps participated in. Bristol, Rhode Island.
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    This weird but fantastic postcard I sent my fiancé.
    I bought a random pack of 100 postcards from Amazon. Random indeed.
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    YOGI BEAR'S HONEY FRIED CHICKEN. Hartsville, South Carolina
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    Piggy's Pit Cooked Bbq. Hartsville, SC.
    I bet this house serves up some legit bbq.
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    Quick stop at Epcot for some drinks and Spaceship Earth.
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    And then Magic Kingdom.
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    What is absolutely a magical entrance to where the cool kids from the class of 1926.5 hang out.
    Newport High School, Newport, Kentucky
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    Oh High School administrations trying to be "hip"
    Locker room at a high school in Waco, Texas.
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    This college who is really proud of its snow cones.
    Texas. Where else.
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    Found in the ladies locker room in a Dallas, Texas high school.
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    Look at New Jersey being great. ❤️💛💚💙💜
    Technically this was found on my short three day vacay from my job. Ocean City, New Jersey.
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    This is some special bread.
    Greenwood, Indiana
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    And it all ends with an on the field view of my DCI finalist corps performing in Lucas Oil Stadium.
    Indianapolis, Indiana.