I may have a flair for the dramatic. I for sure have a strong love of toasted turkey croissant sandwiches.
  1. I haven't been here in forever! I'm so excited to finally have that Turkey Croissant sandwich again.
  2. *looks at menu*
  3. Wait, this says Turkey Sandwich in pita
  4. I'm sure they still have croissants. Who gets rid of croissants?!
  5. "Do you still have Croissants?"
  6. "Oh no, we got rid of those"
  7. ......
  8. .......
  9. "I"
  10. .....
  11. "Oh. Okay. Well that's the only reason I ever came here.... Let me look at the menu"
  12. I haven't actually read this menu in 15 years. What are all these dishes?
  13. Nothing looks good.
  14. This is a disaster
  15. How dare they
  16. "Just give me the turkey sandwich on a ciabatta"
    Don't cry don't cry don't cry
  17. Everything is changing. You move away and don't eat here for a year and suddenly it's a whole new world
  18. How dare they
  19. I'm never coming here again
  20. This ciabatta is dry
  21. This whole sandwich is wrong
  22. I'm so dramatic
  23. Goodbye forever, restaurant.
  24. Turkey croissant for life