I moved to LA about two years ago from NY. It was really difficult to find food that I liked but after I moved closer to Santa Monica I finally found some great spots. Here they are:
  1. Pizza
    I hate artisanal pizza. Or is it called a flatbread? I don't know but that crap is not pizza. I hadn't eaten pizza for months until I found Joe's Pizza and Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen, both located in Santa Monica.
  2. Donuts
    I only really got into donuts when I moved out here because there's a donut shop in pretty much every single strip mall. I'm really particular about my donuts (and my junk food in general) so I stick with Whole Foods Vegan Donuts.
  3. Burgers
    It was really really hard to find a burger that I liked. I don't eat red meat very often so if I'm going to indulge it's gotta be something great. In NY I loved the Bareburger chain and they recently established their first location in California right here in Santa Monica. But prior to that, I fell in love with Pono Burger. Their meat and ingredients are completely organic, locally sourced, and sustainable.
  4. Salad
    Salad places in California are a dime a dozen and none of them are very creative. In NY got my greens at Fresh&co. One day for lunch I happen to stumble upon Sweetgreen and I was in digestive heaven! I get their Hollywood bowl at least once a week.
  5. Tacos
    Tacos are another food that I didn't really get into until I moved out here. Tacos are a huge deal in California. My first apartment was downtown and a short drive from Dodger Stadium. Just down the street from the stadium in a small tacos spot call Guisados. I haven't tried a ton of taco spots but if the line is constantly out the door and down the street you have to assume they're the real deal. Their tacos are incredible, especially their Chicken Tinga.