I live in an old two-story building. It's old. And the walls are very very thin. My downstairs neighbor also happens to be a very sketchy dude. He clearly doesn't work so you have to wonder how he pays his rent. But he's also always home and I know this because I have summer's off. Sooo I will get to see plenty of him in the coming months. Joy.
  1. He sometimes blasts LOUD 90s hip hop. He also likes to blast very aggressive rap music.
  2. While walking past his side door I spotted a lovely stripper pole set up in front of a floor length mirror in his living room so I hear A LOT of parties....
    High heels on the wood floor; girls giggling uncontrollably; and girls screaming "woooo" a lot
  3. His chihuahua. Enough said.
  4. The howling of his friends dogs. I don't even know the situation there.
  5. Very very very very loud sex noises at all different hours in the day (not just the night).
    And not just ohs and ahs.... I'm talking about the stuff that makes you cringe and worry about the safety of the parties involved.
  6. His current female guest was screaming and cursing uncontrollably for an hour straight two days ago.
    This is after I had to ask her to get up from sitting in my parking spot while she smoked her cigarette in her bathrobe.
  7. He thoroughly enjoys watching Michael Bay movies.
    And his TV is so loud that I can feel my entire apartment shake with each explosion.
  8. I have a nosy neighbor in the next building and she happens to be besties with my loud neighbor. So whenever I'm in my kitchen I hear their detailed conversations loud and clear.
    She wants to be introduced to his current girlfriend; she wants to know if he needs a dog-sitter; she wants to know when his car will be fixed; she wants him to walk to CVS with her... You get the idea.
  9. I hear so many different voices coming in and out of that apartment.
    He has many guests. I'm always seeing some new faces, and some appear at regular intervals.
  10. Can I safely assume that my neighbor is a drug dealer?