A suggestion from @ChrisK
  1. My dad's dad's father
    He lived in Portugal and when he was little he traveled across the country with his parents(I don't know why). His parents became suddenly ill and they died and then he was adopted by other travelers. They changed his last name to (my current last name) Pacheco. Everyone has always been super vague about this story including him.
  2. My mom's dad's father
    Grand wizard in the KKK. Bad person.
  3. My mom's mom's father
    Made a lot of money selling illegal booze during prohibition but lost it all on a gambling addiction. He was killed for it.
  4. My mom's mom's mother
    We came back to the United States when my mom found out she was dying and she remembered my whole family including my little sister, except me. She had no idea who I was. We weren't close or anything but she remembered my little sister, who had never met her, but had completely blocked me out. It was weird and I was a little bitter about it for a while.