1. Easter bunny
    Always knew it didn't exist. My parents didn't even try. They would always hide the eggs and I would always go outside and find them. It was silly really.
  2. Tooth fairy
    6 years old: I waited up every time I lost a tooth to try and see the little fairy. Until one day I felt a hand go under my pillow and I woke up and made eye contact with my mom, neither of us said anything. The charade lasted for the rest of my baby teeth though.
  3. Santa
    7 years old: Same year as the tooth fairy. (secured my belief that my parents were liars) My parents were talking loudly in our living room in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve. I woke up and snuck downstairs and saw them building my Barbie dream house. The next day they said it was from Santa. Clearly liars.