1. Grande Americano with two pumps Chestnut Praline
    Damn you, Starbucks.
  2. Adele
    She's seriously putting my faith back into the record industry and artist's ability to sell full albums! You go, Adele!
  3. Silicon Valley
    I cannot get enough of this show. "Piiiieeeed Piper!!" It's also a good core workout cause the laughs are endless!
  4. Black Friday
    No, not the shopping day. THIS https://m.soundcloud.com/topdawgent/kendrick-lamar-black-friday all hail King Kendrick!
  5. Black Friday
    Not K.Dot. But THIS https://m.soundcloud.com/dreamvillerecords/j-cole-black-friday Cole world, ain't nothing sunny!!
  6. Garudasana
    Eagle pose in yoga. I feel strong and balanced in it, and it's something that I feel I'm lacking in life. More eagle to transfer to my feelings in the real world.