Finishing my second week at my new job. Though my Outlook is overflowing with follow up emails and my mind is overheating, I'm trying to keep a more optimistic view...
  1. View by the office supplies
    Been "looking for pens" when I "need a moment"
  2. View of the kitchen
    My old job only has a microwave. This is amazing!
  3. View of the SERIOUS tea stash
    I ❤️ hot caffeinated beverages!
  4. View at my desk
    How was I working all those years with only one monitor?!?
  5. View at my desk, to the right
    At my old desk, I sat beside the staff washrooms...🙉🙊. This is an upgrade!!
  6. View at my desk, to the left
    I'm the youngest person in my office. I've received many questions about my framed quote... And they've been the highlights of these crazy days!