Inspired by @Nicholas
  1. Sandwich
    Mayo, avocado, fried egg, bacon (real), black pepper, and cheddar cheese, on rye. Never toasted, cause it hurts my mouth!
  2. Mixed drink
    Dark roast offee mixed with a little bit of cream
  3. Sushi
    Salmon sashimi, miso soup, unagi roll, aburi toro nigiri
  4. Breakfast
    Open face peanut butter banana sandwich: smooth Kraft peanut butter, bananas sliced lengthwise for more coverage. Green tea.
  5. Water
  6. Saturday
    First breakfast, yoga, second breakfast, 2 hour nap, lunch, "socialize," snacks x3, read 2 chapters of a book, binge watch tv and chill, sleep at 9pm 👵🏻
  7. Mixtape
    J Dilla to set a tone, some classic 90s r&b, some neo soul, some new indie southern rock/blues, the Sound of Tomorrow à la Soulection, an acoustic Drake cover, Kendrick and J Cole to end it on a hype and positive note.