It's been quite a year for me and it's not even over!
  1. Do not drink and drive.
    Should be obvious, but it is incredible how not obvious it actually is.
  2. Do not be afraid of the truth.
    As cliché as it is, "the truth will set you free" and I believe it.
  3. I love yoga, a lot!
    Shoutout to Oxygen Yoga and Fitness, namaste!
  4. Patience and consistency are vital when working towards your goals.
  5. I'm very blessed to have parents that love and support me as much as they do.
    I could cry right now, they're the best.
  6. My brother is someone I look up to and I hope to become more like him.
  7. It's never too late to start over.
    Everyday is a new day! It all starts with me. Or with you!
  8. Two words: Alabama Shakes.
    Sound and Colour has lit a fire in my soul🔥
  9. I have problems and it's okay.
    Who doesn't have problems?!
  10. I am so down with The List App.