Vancouver 🇨🇦 and it's surrounding cities. I ❤️ eating. This is a tried and true list of delish food around Vancity, à la Cher
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    Phnom Penh
    Beef luc lac with egg, chicken wings, butter beef, and lychee shake. I think most Vancouverites would agree that this is THE place for Vietnamese/Cambodian food.
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    Lebanese restaurant with multiple locations. Must try: Najib's Special - deep fried cauliflower 😋. My favourite resto in Vancouver!!
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    Earnest Ice Cream
    For the ice cream lovers! No recommendations, anything and everything is 💯
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    Sal Y Limon
    Tacos, burritos, churros, huaraches, horchata... All really good!
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    Donair Affair
    This is 25-30 mins outside of Vancouver, in Surrey. CHICKEN PLATTER. That's all, no regrets!
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    Japanese Izakaya style, super popular in Van. Kabocha croquette and chicken karaage, must try!
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    La Meza Grill
    Another one outside of Vancouver, in Delta. I felt that I needed to include at least one Filipino restaurant on here. I'd definitively pick this place as my go to, after my mom's own Filipino cooking. Grilled squid, and the traditional Silog breakfast dishes👌🏻
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    The Foundation
    This is a vegetarian restaurant with the best nachos I've ever had. Go here if you're okay with a very low key, hipster, mismatched table setting type spot, that may or may not play underground, uncensored hip hop during dinner. One of my top 3 fav restos.
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    49th Parallel and Lucky's Doughnuts
    ☕️🍩, that's all you have to know. Do not settle for Tim Hortons.
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    Lee's Donuts
    Just get a sugar donut, sit on a bench and admire the scenery, from one of my fav places in the city: Granville Island.