Sometimes she's annoying, but my mom is so cool! Inspired by @woahsyd
  1. She leaves me voicemail messages.
    "Hi Cheryl. Just wanted to let you know that I already bought cucumbers. Okay, bye." She's so thoughtful! Cool as a cucumber!
  2. She said "Oh, nice maple leafs!" when she saw my socks.
    She was completely serious. She's so innocent and THAT is cool! I just told her the truth last week and she couldn't stop laughing.
  3. She forgives me, even when I don't ask for forgiveness.
    That makes me not cool. Her cool level, 💯.
  4. She hasn't told my dad all the crazy, stupid things I've done.
    The coolest. If my dad knew everything, it would not be cool.
  5. She keeps me updated on the latest hot gossip.
    "Cheryl, did you hear? Blake and Gwen are together now." I definitely did not hear about that! So cool, mom!
  6. She can read my mind.
    On the drive home from yoga last week I was thinking about pancakes. When I walked in the door, there's my mom and she says "I made pancakes!" What?! Cool!
  7. She's starting to make fun of me.
    I'm big on trolling my friends and my mom is no exception. Lately she's been making fun of me too and it's the best. Super cool.
  8. She tells me she's proud of me.
    She told me this recently and I almost broke down! Who doesn't want to make their parents proud?! My. Cool. Mom. She was proud of me for researching which political party I wanted to vote for haha