Things that the 20-year-old me would've probably classified as "hella dumb." Maybe now that I am putting in more of an effort into being "grown," I am finding that there are more things to life than figuring out how we're getting on the Guestlist and what I'll be pre-drinking tonight.
  1. Being the passenger in the car
    Sat in the passenger seat last weekend while my dad took me along to help my brother on his big moving day. What a pleasure to look out the window and see all the new housing upgrades in the neighbourhood! Also I didn't have to focus on ANYTHING! Sometimes I wish I didn't buy a car.
  2. Sleeping early on Fridays
    I never used to want to stay home on Friday nights, but now I can't wait to go home after work and put on my pyjamas and not do shit!! I think I'm making up for all those years my friends and I spent our nights out at the club from Thursday - Saturday.
  3. Standing up on the train commute to work
    I will admit, I have been that jerk who pretends to be sleeping on the train so I wouldn't have to give up my seat to the older person....terrible, I know! But lately I've decided to stand up and it's really helped me tighten up my core. And I find that standing makes me feel taller and powerful!
  4. Having a meal with my whole family
    I'm just referring to my parents and my only brother. Conflicting schedules is always an issue, but in my early twenties I never thought of this as a priority. Now it's a luxury! Family conversations are always hilarious, especially when my bro and I throw in the odd curse word to see how our mom will handle it while eating.
  5. Random text messages from friends
    Not the texts asking to hangout or the ones filled with hot gossip , I'm talking about the ones where it's a "I thought of you today! Hope you're well!" Quick and simple! Seriously, I would've laughed at that like, 2 years ago, but I love it now! Trying to put an effort into sending those messages too cause it's so darn thoughtful!
  6. Potluck dinners
    My friends and I are a large group of OCD females who love organization and have a tendency to go overboard. Since we're so busy and barely hangout all together, we usually go all out for events and pick a theme we must all dress in. This year's annual Christmas Potluck theme: Christmas Characters! SO EXCITED!