1. Age 3: Tap dancer
    À la Savion Glover. Saw him on Sesame Street and I was MESMERIZED! Dress shoes on the kitchen floor tiles became my thing for a while! Fun fact: took my first tap class at age 17. I haven't fully given up on this one yet...
  2. Age 4: Chef
    Too Hot Tamales, Cooking with Yan and my Mom were my inspirations. My mom is still my cooking inspiration today!
  3. Age 5: CEO of Newman Enterprises
    Watched too much of The Young and The Restless with my grandma in the afternoons. Didn't know what a CEO was, but I thought I could become Victor's daughter.
  4. Age ??: Journalist
    Not sure when and how this became an idea. I remember writing a report at 13 and stating that I wanted to go to UCLA and become a journalist. I had never been to California at that age so I'm a little confused about the whole thing at this time.
  5. Age 14: Forensic scientist
    I was religiously watching CSI at this age.
  6. Age 19: Pharmacist
    I started working in a pharmacy and then BAM, I thought I would go to school and then make drugs for a living. Sidenote: that's not even what they do!
  7. Age 21: something in fashion
    Went to school for Fashion Merchandising, completed the program. Did not pursue a career in fashion because minimum wage didn't sound appealing.
  8. Age 27: Research Coordinator
    Currently working towards a more serious 9 to 5. But preferably a 7:30 to 3:30.
  9. Age 27: I DON'T KNOW
    My future side hustle will be what I really love doing. Not sure what that is yet, but I think it will involve writing and music.