OH MY GOD. This is so restaurant-specific! Okay so I will specify restaurants AND their foods! 😀
  1. Lotus of Siam
    The legend. In Vegas. Get the tom klong with sea bass which is the BEST SOUP EVER IN THE HISTORY OF SOUPS, the garlic chicken wings, the...what is it, some sort of fried shrimp dealio. And pla rad prik.
  2. Isaan Station
    The new jam. In ktown. Get the crying tiger, the neua dad deauw, the larb woon sen. And sticky rice.
  3. Ruen Pair
    The old standby. In Thai town. Get the moo dad deauw and the pad pak boong which I think in English is called stir-fried morning glory. Nice pla rad prik here too.
  4. Also good: Sanamluang Cafe, Siam Sunset (breakfast!), Hollywood Thai, Sapp Coffee Shop (boat noodles!)