1. TARDIS earrings
    I got these at the Gallifrey One convention a few months back. They’re kind of heavy so when I wear them I truly feel like I am suffering for the sake of fandom. It feels right.
  2. TARDIS Van Gogh mousepad
    I'm not one of the people who lost their minds over “Vincent and the Doctor,” but you can't deny that gorgeous painterly swirls of color PLUS a TARDIS = totally sweet.
  3. TARDIS blanket
    It’s 11’s TARDIS, not my fave 10’s, but still super soft and cozy!
  4. Gallifrey Academy tank top
    This item is key because it’s hard enough to find stuff with the exact design you want, much less cute girly versions of said stuff, but this is cute and girly and looks like a random school shirt if you aren’t paying attention (I like stealth merch).
  5. Gallifrey All-Stars 10 baseball shirt
    See previous re: stealth-- I am very into merch that, to a non-fan, looks like sports stuff. Is this shirt sporty or nerdy? Only other nerds would know!
  6. Time Lord hoodie
    It’s red (rare for Doctor Who merch!) and super comfy. Also kinda sporty, see above.
  7. Doctor Who Abbey Road T-shirt
    You’ve got simple graphic versions of 9, 10, 11, and 12 crossing Abbey Road and oh my god, that’s TWO things I enjoy combined into ONE awesome item that I SUPER enjoy.
  8. UK flag TARDIS T-shirt
    It’s a bunch of tiny TARDISes of various colors in the shape of a Union Jack. I’m probably gonna cut the sleeves off this guy soon to make a tank because it’s kind of boxy and the material is sort of crunchy (risks of internet purchasing!).
  9. TARDIS socks
    The internet reviews warned me that these over-the-knee socks would be very tight on the ol’ thighs unless you’re a child. The internet reviews were right. Still bought ‘em! Still wear ‘em. Who needs circulation.
  10. TARDIS keychain
    A gift from my friend Alex, who’s a total sweetheart and knows what I’m about.
  11. Red converse
    Not technically merch, but I only bought them because 10 wears them, so, the intent was there.
  12. “I’m burning up a sun just to say goodbye” tote bag
    I mean...