btw my dessert style is less "artfully-arranged delicate confection with 8 different tiny components" (although of course I do eat those cuz DESSERT) and more "get bored, bake brownies, eat half the pan, freeze rest in attempt to not eat, take out of freezer 3 hours later and hack away at it with a knife and eat the chunks, feel bad, feel good."
  1. Chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream from Bossa Nova (LA)
    This thing is monstrous, so you will probably have leftovers, which is great because the cake is even better the next day. Chuck it in the fridge and you will be rewarded with a dense lump that is much harder to put your fork through than it was the previous night. This is a plus!
  2. Vanilla pound cake from Milo & Olive (LA)
    You can just buy a slab of this plain but if you get it as the actual dessert they’ll add melted butter and honey and oh my god, why would you add MORE BUTTER to a thing that is basically already just a slab of butter? Because it’s fuckin’ delicious, that’s why.
  3. Caramel apple float from The Ice Cream Bar (SF)
    It’s green apple soda with caramelized honey ice cream. What???!!! I’m a chocolate person, and this place has my fave dark chocolate ice cream in the whole world which is not even technically ice cream, I think it’s actually sorbet, but this float is still my fave thing there. They have actual soda jerks to make it for you. EDITED TO ADD: last time I was there they no longer had the apple float 😕 BUT the sour cherry soda with creme fraiche ice cream is a great sub!
  4. Texas Tea ice cream from Stucchi’s (Ann Arbor)
    I have no idea why they call it Texas Tea, it’s chocolate ice cream with chocolate flakes in it, who cares why they call it Texas Tea, it’s chocolate ice cream with chocolate flakes in it, they can call it whatever they want, it’s chocolate ice cream with chocolate flakes in it.
  5. Chocolate-filled malasada puffs from Leonard’s (Honolulu)
    Warm donuts made to order. Yeah, you’ll stand in a line, but WARM DONUTS MADE TO ORDER! You’re gonna be like “guess we should head to the airport now” *maniacal last-minute steering wheel turn to go back to Leonard’s one last time*