Thank you @shii for this request! It's basically impossible and constantly changing, obviously this ENTIRE ALBUM is great, a lot of these are actually weird overlapping groupings of like 8-way ties, but okay, here goes!
  1. Home (yup I'm cheating)
    This actually isn't part of any tie. I love this album but I love Home more.
  2. Never Enough
    Neither is this. I fucking love this song. I jam to this song. I bop to this song. I try very hard to scream "Come on!" as good as Liam does and I fail.
  3. Drag Me Down
  4. Walking in the Wind
  5. Perfect
  6. What a Feeling
  7. Hey Angel
    The bridge is just absolutely A+.
  8. Wolves
  9. Temporary Fix
  10. Love You Goodbye
  11. A.M.
  12. End of the Day
  13. If I Could Fly
  14. Olivia
  15. I Want to Write You a Song
  16. History
  17. Long Way Down
  18. Infinity