I've been tryin' hard to find the people that I won't leave behind.
  1. The Universe birthed the gods and goddesses and through them mere mortals were blessed by their genius, as they delivered the good fortune of taking part - in small part - in their cosmic wonder (their creations).
  2. It was not enough that the world of humankind would simply see and hear these things; the magic would need to be carried in their loving embrace.
    THIS became, quite possibly, the first True and proper age of obsession (and, finally, for all the right reasons).
  3. Giants walked among us. Though, each of them seemingly no different than this one or that one.
  4. The world in a creative sort of stand still, the desperate under-cries of the coming death rattle of the old . . . and the shimmy and shake of a stirring new age of anything-will-soon-be-possible.
  5. You just needed the right soul, the soul of the cosmos . . .
    . . . and the fancy of the Muse, herself, of course.
  6. One - possibly above all others, throughout (both) space and time - held that fancy like a little baby bird in the palm of his hand.
  7. Opening musical carousel of "Wouldn't It Be Nice"
    Shattering! the soul the very moment the drums *da . . . da-dum*
  8. "I'm waiting for the day when you . . . can . . . looovvve again."
    Just keep those harmonies coming, humming and dreaming; keep that skipping rhythm rounding-about like a whimsical musical chairs.
  9. Why do I always long to be out madly sailing the West Indies EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear you, "Sloop John B" ?!?!
  10. . . . and as it states so deeply and lovingly within the pages of my first published book (memoir) . . .
    "The Elemental Child" (2014)
    Today . . . And it's gone tomorrow. It's here and gone . . . so . . . fast.
  12. "Sometimes . . . I Feel . . . Very Sad . . . Sometimes . . . I Feel . . . Very Sad . . . Sometimes . . . I Feel . . . Very Sad"
    (And Every Single Bloody Word of "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times")
  13. As my dearest comrade (and one of the Truest proper creators alive today) @nathanveshecco and I have discussed - for ages, day and night, over and over - sometimes there is nothing for it; the only path before us (especially we creators) is a journeying of melancholic nature, that "sad bastard" of a road.
  14. Not so awful along that path and all. Brian Wilson does beyond well to remind us of this, little darlings. It is, in Truth, what I adore most about his staggering genius.
  15. (and) I Know There's An Answer: (just) Hang On To Your Ego-o-o-O!
  16. What can even be properly expressed about the cascading madness and magic of the colossus that is Brian Douglas Wilson?
  17. PET SOUNDS has been and shall forever be so much of what my theme of existence is, what I hope to be able to create and inspire (as it has), who I know myself to be; not only from and for myself, but also with respect for Brian.
    One more inexpressible cosmic stumbling, that.
  18. Creature of Wonderland-like silliness.
  19. Entity of pure, unfathomable vision.
  20. To say too much would be to stain a flawlessness, unattainable to all the mere mortals, as previously mentioned.
    Hush. Hush.
  21. Thank you, alien brother. Thank you, cosmic kin. Thank you, Beach Boys. Thank you goddesses and gods, Muse and Universe.
  22. O, loveliest Brian - and the rarest of your like - God Only Knows What I'd Be Without You. LOVE.