The people on this list possess style that gives me life...
  1. Kanye West
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    One of music and fashion's most vocal and influential artists.
  2. Olivier Rousteing
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    A young icon who took the Balmain brand and created something astronomical.
  3. Jerry Lorenzo
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    A young visionary and designer. Street style connoisseur.
  4. Kim Kardashian
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    The reigning queen of the new media era.
  5. Pharrell
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    Mega producer and one of the most well dressed artists alive.
  6. Solange Knowles
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    Vibrant fashion and culture influencer. Also, the younger sister of Beyoncé.
  7. Phillip Lim
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    It's rare that I admire an actual designer's style, but the way Phillip Lim combines street style with high end almost formal intrigues me.
  8. Sarah Jessica Parker
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    A red carpet favorite, phenomenal actress, and Carrie Bradshaw 💋
  9. ASAP Rocky
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    Introduces hip hop culture to people who otherwise would never be introduced to it. A young rapper with impeccable taste and exceptional style.
  10. Gianluca Vacchi
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    If I had his budget & access, this is basically who I would be.