@americson I was tempted to follow you after finding out you are my galentine; but I didn't want to tip you off. I fell in love with your lists. This is how I imagine we'd spend our Galentines Day. If you need some GD activity inspiration, I hope this helps.
  1. Brunch: Bagels
    We both share a love for bagels so this is a necessity
  2. And Waffles
    I don't know if you like strawberries or bananas; we'll have those on the side as well as some melted chocolate for topping. Wouldn't be Galentines Day without waffles! And lots of them!!
  3. Our Playlist :)
    Can't forget the tunes! I made a playlist even Leslie Knope would approve of; jam packed with GIRL POWER sure to have you feeling amazing in your skin and happy to be a GAL! https://open.spotify.com/user/cheyenneapalmer/playlist/0m2cTOPziri3z1t2fUoupT
  4. We'll make DIY lip scrubs and put on face masks and paint each other's nails
  5. Next we'll play Bananagrams! (One of the best word games ever)
  6. Love Lists
    (A list about making a list - I had to) We'll list the things we love about each other and read them off
  7. Watercolor Painting
  8. We'll share stories about living NYC and San Diego
    We both share the fact that we're not we'll traveled but enjoy hearing about different places learning about the culture..lifestyle..atmosphere..etc.
  9. We'll end the day with watching Mary Kate and Ashley movies
    We both love Mary Kate and Ashley and grew up watching them. We'll watch them and discuss our favorite movies of theirs.
  10. My favorite lists of yours
  11. I hope you have the most wonderful Galentines Day filled with love and happiness! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕