I feel like I haven't spent the first half of this year that effectively so this time I'm going to keep myself accountable
  1. Work out 6 days a week
    I don't care if this helps me lose weight or not, but at least if I tried I can't be that mad at myself
  2. Eat as much of a whole foods plant based diet as I can manage
    This is kinda hard in the dining hall but I can definitely at least avoid processed foods
  3. Only go out 2 nights a week
    I literally can't do any more than that without hating myself
  4. Get all A/A-
    This is going to be hard but I think I can do it if I actually apply myself
  5. Sleep more
    This'll be easy since I currently sleep 2 hours a night
  6. Take more risks and be more outspoken
    I'm not going to let anxiety control me anymore
  7. Make a greater effort to maintain friendships
    I'm the worst at staying in contact
  8. Not allow my self hate to stop me from enjoying life
  9. Just generally be more positive
    Lmao this might be impossible. We'll see