Felt that this should be documented so that they aren't repeated
  1. Got a boyfriend the first week
    Lmao who does that ??? Me. I do.
  2. Refused to go to the doctor when my leg swelled to twice it's regular size and stayed that way for 5 weeks
    Idk who put me in charge of myself but they made a mistake
  3. Daydreamed about boys who weren't worth my time in microeconomics
    This is not a good strategy for passing a class
  4. Stopped going to the gym
    Consequently gained 1 million lbs and am still mad about it
  5. Got another boyfriend
    Don't date people your friends don't like. 9 times out of 10 they suck
  6. Ate the diet of an Olympic swimmer
    aka 12,000 calories a day. Sadly it's not a sustainable diet if the only exercise you do is walking to class