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I feel like being born in the mid to late 80s is being on the cusp of Generation-X and "millennial". Don't be surprised that I know so much of these shows. Thank you, syndicated television.
  1. "What's Happening!!" I watched this on BET at my babysitter's house. Her grandson tuned in before he left for school. I always wanted a shake from Shirley's Place.
  2. "One Day at a Time" Valerie Bertinelli is such a cutie.
  3. "Webster" This was on the USA network. My elementary school was year-round, so when we had three straight weeks off, I'd watch this to fill in my day. There was something captivating about a white couple taking in a small black boy. It was like "Diff'rent Strokes", but with a better theme song.
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A little FYI to start this off.
  1. My first name is of Norwegian origin.
  2. I only started wearing glasses when I was 14.
  3. My internet/social media handle is based off two songs (The Fugees' "Nappy Heads" and The Roots' "Quills") and the beginning sounds of my first and last name.
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