A little FYI to start this off.
  1. My first name is of Norwegian origin.
  2. I only started wearing glasses when I was 14.
  3. My internet/social media handle is based off two songs (The Fugees' "Nappy Heads" and The Roots' "Quills") and the beginning sounds of my first and last name.
  4. I don't like going to the beach because I don't like stepping in sand.
  5. I won an award in 4th grade for "Best Handwriting and Best Sense of Humor".
  6. I am no longer the best anything.
  7. After being attacked by a dog when I was 8, I had a fear of dogs for many years. Now I'd rather have a dog than human babies.
  8. I was 27 when I realized that I love pizza.
  9. My favorite shoes will have a black upper and white midsole.
  10. I think this app is pretty cool.