Many tremendous organizations perform valuable yeoman's work on limited budgets. Here are a few particularly worthy and meaningful candidates for you on Giving Tuesday, thoughtful readers of @list (inspired by @bjnovak)
  1. Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America
    Striving to find a cure for an orphan disease that affects the lives of so many. Speaking from experience, no amount of money could value the cure of this disease - I'd pay anything to cure my sister.
  2. Johns Hopkins Child Life Center
    All of Hopkins's work is important and worthy of funding, but none had the direct impact on the lives of children living in the hospital for extended periods of time as the Child Life Center. When my sister was in the hospital for months, playing bingo once a week or getting new blankets or books or movies, brightened her darkest days. The staff brought smiles and compassion to our whole family - it's important and unglamorous work.
  3. Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia
    A worthy organization filled with expert lawyers working to help the underserved populations in Washington, D.C.
  4. PetConnect Rescue
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    A fantastic rescue organization who brought us the four cutest dogs of all time.
  5. National Eating Disorders Association
    Bringing light to a stigmatized issue and light into the lives of those affected.
  6. Flashes of Hope
    This organization takes portraits of patients and their families in the hospital. It gives patients a chance to feel beautiful and pampered in the midst of illness that can sap those feelings and provides a beautiful keepsake and picture of hope to families. It seems like a moment that one might not wish to remember, especially as social media often shares only the most positive edited lives, but it is just the opposite, especially in life threatening cases.