1. Feel less guilty about that $50 moisturizer I bought.
  2. Take out $1000 in one dollar bills and wave it around screaming, "I'm rich! I'm rich! I'm rich."
  3. Realize how ridiculous I look and vow to never do anything like that again.
  4. Set aside money for savings, retirement, healthcare, etc.
    You know, the practical, responsible stuff.
  5. Buy a house in New Mexico...
  6. ...and an apartment in New York City.
  7. Establish a fund help pet owners treat costly, but treatable conditions.
    Too many beloved pets are surrendered or euthanized because owners can't afford to treat them. :(
  8. Take my friends on an amazing vacation.
  9. Buy Texas a new set of legislators.
  10. ...and perhaps a new governor.
    Though, I might enjoy watching him be extremely ineffective with a bunch of moderates in office.
  11. Set up a foster center for the animal rescue group I volunteer for.
  12. Invest in a new technology that will do good for the planet.
  13. Open a co-working space for writers.
    Instead of emphasizing networking and business contacts, we will emphasize being quiet and keeping your nose in a book.
  14. Probably still feel guilty about that $50 moisturizer.