I have traveled by myself many times but I have usually met up with family or friends at the final destination. this time I traveled solo to Montreal, where I didn't know anyone. yes most of my photos are selfies. but I think you have to be able to be alone. by yourself. think for yourself. in order to learn to be with someone else.
  1. spent 10 hours on a train, post call, mostly sleeping. until I had to get up to move away from the rowdy group of boys who couldn't stop cursing.
  2. Friday night. checked into hotel & went straight to sleep. shocker.
  3. Saturday morning.
    first things first bagel. pastries. latte.
  4. Saturday afternoon.
    explored old Montreal. Just 2 blocks away from my hotel.
  5. Saturday night.
    I had elaborate plans to take a nap before heading out to explore night life. my nap lasted till midnight. 😳
  6. Sunday morning
    searched for a church to attend. but decided to just revisit notre dame and actually go inside this time. unfortunately i missed the services.
  7. Sunday morning contd
    of course I went to this pastry school/shop where I lost all my chill just viewing their items
  8. maison Christian faure contd
    snacking chic indeed
  9. Sunday afternoon
    staying artsy fartsy. Pompeii exhibit was fun. learned a lot.
  10. strolled around. lots of window shopping. ate "the #1 burger in Montreal" at m:brgr. walked home exhausted.
  11. Monday.
    start of birth week. spa day. first spa experience. btw, this spa is a BOAT. docked in a frozen river.
  12. needless to say I spent the majority of the day here.
  13. detox. detox. detox.
  14. beyond blessed. ready for you, year 27.
  15. thought about these in my sleep the other night. and got them for my nieces & nephew. three giant kinder eggs for the three musketeers. Canada winning.
  16. Monday night.
    after 5 hours at the spa, I found the most authentic taco shop. la capital tacos. blew me away. authentic, favourful, delicious. oh and it's right in the middle of china town. boom.
  17. and finished off the night by watching my fave bachelor.
  18. Tuesday morning
    I don't want to leave because there is still so much to see and more importantly so much to eat. but gotta go see my twin brother for our birthday.
  19. because. 🇨🇦. au revoir Montreal. you've been good to me.