1. When famous people comment on other famous people's Instagram posts
  2. In that vein... finding a famous person's sibling on Instagram and seeing the famous person comment on their pics
  3. Drawing a thick rectangle with a black biro and colouring it in until it's glossy
  4. Tying my shoelaces and the bows being of even size
  5. Wearing a wooly scarf indoors when it gets chilly
  6. Eating a cream cracker and not getting any crumbs or cracker flakes on my top
    ...( I eat these lying down lol)
  7. Pulling off a yoghurt lid and no yoghurt coming off with it
    See muller corner yoghurt photo for clarification. Literally the dream
  8. Using an allen key on any type of IKEA flat pack
  9. Shutting a kitchen drawer with a soft close