Favorite Apps Right Now

  1. Twitter- I'm an information junkie, so...
  2. Bible-no excuses for neglecting scripture. If I have time to stare at my phone, I have time to read the Bible. I had always been an inconsistent Bible reader, even neglecting (avoiding) it for long stretches. Hadn't read it cover to cover until I downloaded this app a few years ago. The social element it provides is nice too
  3. The List App- I love lists. They're fun to make & Fun to see others' lists.
  4. Words With Friends- I deleted this game a few years ago because I played it too much, but I'm back at it again, this time in a much more regimented, disciplined way. I love words, word games and the challenge of my worthy opponents!
  5. Instagram-fun social network that doesn't suck you in like Facebook
  6. Every Dollar- easy way to log expenses throughout the day and stay on track with budget goals