An exorcism.
  1. I bought tickets.
    Even though I knew this date and the second date would sell out in hours, I got in there and got these tickets because boy I love FJM (and King Tuff!) and no amount of annoying tech bros we're going to take this away from me.
  2. I went after a long day.
    I had spent the whole day at a chicken farm 3.5 hours from SF, so I was already trying to process some weird things and stop being grumpy about spending 8 hours on a bus.
  3. I brought my boyfriend.
    It's hard to take him to shows as a normal person because he has worked at so many concerts doing various jobs that he fully resents having to pay for tickets or drinks. He also thinks FJM is an asshole, and he has to get up for work at 5 am. But he agreed to come anyway.
  4. I bought drinks.
    I intentionally got drunk fast, even though I should know better by now. Also they were obviously way too expensive.
  5. I went to the bathroom.
    Twice. So I lost my spot twice. Not like I ever had a good spot anyway because I am 5' and the world is 6'. Especially at concerts.
  6. I cared too much.
    I have seen FJM 4 times now, at different venues under different circumstances at different stages of my life. I, like most people, really really enjoy his music. I think he is a great singer and a brilliant songwriter. I love to watch him dance and I like to think I'm the only one who understands his cheeky jokes. It feels personal to see him perform.
  7. So I started crying.
    From the first song he sang from Fear Fun, through the girl behind me singing along to the song about the basic bitch and yelling "I love you josh!" all the way to the end of the set. I cried the whole time, you guys. Like I said, I was drunk fast. The set was good but not particularly soulful, FJM didn't banter too much with the crowd and my view was obscured by tall tech bros. My boyfriend got scared and I couldn't explain what was happening.
  8. I stayed until the end.
    The last song was Bored in the USA, which I find a little too dark and slow. The opposite of a happy ending encore. Apparently when I leaned to my boyfriend and told him we could leave whenever, a girl behind us said "no you cant!" And everything was weird all the way home until I fell asleep.