It's been a while since I was there, and I wasn't there for long, but I definitely still remember.
  1. The electricity went out
    I was on a second "date" with a filthy skater boy at his house when the electricity got shut off.
  2. I got rejected
    When I told a guy that we should just be friends he said "I don't want to be friends, but we can keep it casual."
  3. I got strep throat
    From the filthy skater whose electricity got shut off. HE THOUGHT HIS WISDOM TEETH WERE COMING IN.
  4. First date karaoke
    "Hugewizard" asked me how I felt about karaoke for a first date. I like singing so I said I thought it was bold but I was down. We both did well and he asked me if I wanted to make out. We made out so much I missed the last bus and BART.
  5. He brought me soup.
    After I got strep from filthy skater, Hugewizard still wanted to hang out and brought me HOMEMADE SOUP and we watched dumb movies together. We are still together over a year later.