Past and present
  1. I Can't Keep My Eyes Open
    The way you can't keep your eyes open because you are literally falling asleep, that but I'm also trying to do stuff like work or run away from someone
  2. Infinite Locker Room
    I am just trying to find a toilet or leave but guess what this locker room is a never ending labyrinth of sinks and stalls good luck
  3. Breathing Underwater
    I never dream about flying but if I'm ever in water I eventually realize slow shallow breaths and I can do whatever I damn well please
  4. Working
    Nothing. Just working.
  5. Public Nudity
    I am missing a crucial garment (shirt or pants) but no one notices and I just roll with it
  6. Jelly-Arms
    Trying to beat the shit out of someone but when my fist makes contact it's like a gentle whisper and my victim is like wtf are you doing