I spend a lot of days wandering around the city. This is what you need to be prepared for anything.
  1. Phone/keys/wallet
    Obviously. And don't be afraid to carry around punch cards/coupons, they might make your day.
  2. Water bottle
  3. Layers
    Windbreaker is my favorite here, but depending on your climate think raincoat, sweatshirt, beanie, swimsuit... You can also sit on your layer at the park--BLAMMO 💥
  4. Snack/gum
    I hate having to decide what I want to eat when I'm already deliriously hungry and I'm also super cheap, so I carry snacks with me all the time. Dried fruit is my current fave. Gum for breath, duh.
  5. Sunscreen/hat/sunglasses
  6. Book/journal/pens/pencils
    You need something to do at the park/cafe. Comics are a great choice because they aren't too heavy... Literally and figuratively. Journal on the go is perfect for recording observations and general thoughts that come to you on long walks through the city (sometimes shit gets weird when you're alone and in motion that long nahmean??)
  7. Headphones
  8. Ear plugs
    You honestly never know when you will end up at a concert.
  9. Mini hand sanitizer
  10. One dose ibuprofen
  11. Chapstick