1. Selfies
    I still don't like them for myself but now I appreciate them as a legitimate form of self expression.
  2. Biking
    Never say never.
  3. Michael Chabon
    In high school I was forced to read Summerland which my friends and I all hated and resented for YEARS. In college I had to read Kavalier and Clay and I changed my mind completely, Chabon is a genius and this book remains on my list of favorites of all time.
  4. How I take my coffee
    When I moved to Seattle I became obsessed with finding the way I would prefer to take my coffee for the rest of my life. Now I know these things aren't permanent, some days you want milk some days you want it black, some days you just want tea. YOU DO YOU.
  5. Body Hair
    I don't get to have a beard so I have lately been enjoying growing out whatever I damn well please.
  6. Networking
    While I still cringe at the term "networking" I now understand that knowing people who know how to do stuff or who know other people is the only way to get along in The Big City. Especially in terms of finding somewhere to live.
  7. Cats
    Not always the devil.
  8. Eggplant/tofu
    Mom was right
  9. Using someone else's toothbrush
    Turns out you won't even notice till it's over.
  10. Running to catch the bus
    Usually worth the eight seconds you look like an idiot.
  11. What to Say
    I used to never speak because I didn't want to share a thought that wasn't fully formulated or that wasn't directly related to the subject at hand, but now I realize you can usually say whatever you want and the conversation (and its participants) will survive.