So many people think that they are normal,and because of this, they are right. They believe that the normal views of romance, love, and sex are the only way. That men want too much sex and that women need more cuddles. There is no compromise and they can't find a place where both sexes are satisfied. I'm just happy that we found our compromise..
  1. You kiss on the cheek... our tongues part our lips
  2. You embrace ... but our hands roam our flesh
  3. You snuggle your face to his neck while she is biting mine
  4. You hold hands while driving... but she reclines her seat and I offer pleasure between her thighs...
  5. You Netflix and chill ... but our radio plays just to cover our moans and screams
  6. You just want to sit in his lap... but she can't and won't be still in mine...
  7. You want to be his princess... but my princess chooses to be my dirty whore
  8. You are scared and jealous of porn... yet she's the star naked in front of my camera
  9. You look to KY and the pharmacy because your foreplay is never enough... yet she drips for me at just my touch...
  10. You want intimacy with a little sex... our sex is intimate... with more passion than your normal, average life will ever be able to handle.