Monday morning thoughts before work

... Because it was worth documenting how my mind works on Mondays.
  1. All I want is a bagel.... And a green tea latte from Starbucks.
  2. I need a vacation. I should really start planning / saving up for said vacation. To Seattle. I love Seattle. I love Washington. Can it be November already?
  3. What time do I even start today? Did I bring my schedule? Shit.
  4. Maybe I should go upstairs to refill my Hydroflask.
  5. (Upon realizing that Hydroflask has mold in it because I just left it on my desk, in my cubicle all weekend) on second thought...
  6. DAMMIT I FORGOT MY PASS! (which would of allowed me to leave 10 minutes earlier today)
  7. I can't even process the fact that it's super cold this morning. It's Hawaii what is this I can't even...