Because what is a day off?
  1. Wrote a heartfelt tribute out to my mom that was posted to both Instagram and Facebook at 4am. The picture that accompanied said tribute made my mom look as awesome and fabulous as she always is. I on the other hand, looked awkward AF (as per usual).
  2. Went back to sleep for another 2 hours.
  3. Woke up to the sound of our bedroom door being pounded on and "OMMAAAA" being yelled through the other side of it. Yep. Time to wake up.
  4. Helped Omar's mom with the wireless speaker we got her for Mother's Day. As per usual.
  5. Took on the sun as we walked through the madness that is the Swap Meet at the old drive in theater near the mall. Lots of produce, unwanted belongings and fake Gucci purses.
  6. Bought a grey cross body longchamp Le Pliage bag from the nice Filipino lady. Pretty stoked and I can't tell if it's real or fake. Probably fake but whatever.
  7. Witnessed Omar get swindled by the old lady selling fountain drinks. She told him it was a $1.50 each, but ended up paying $8 for two. Yep.
  8. Traveled to Chinatown to get swindled into buying a whole duck. A WHOLE DUCK. I didn't sign up for this....
  9. Ate Wun Tun Mein. That's Chinese dumpling soup with noodles. Yes, it was amazing, yes, I could go for another bowl RN.
  10. Got home and peeled a ton of jicama.
  11. Thinking if I want to go to sleep RN....