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Hi again 👋🏽 I've been creeping for awhile but I wanted to talk about Kesha so I'm making a list
  1. Praying || Kesha
    some say, in life you're gonna get what you give / but some things, only God can forgive
  2. Legends || Kelsea Ballerini
    loving you baby, it was heaven / what everyone wondered, we never questioned / closed our eyes and took on the world together / do you remember?
  3. Sorry || Halsey
    someone will love you / but someone isn't me
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If ya want to know. Ain't leaving forever but taking a little break from list right now
  1. TWITTER: chloeabzzzz
  2. INSTAGRAM: chloeabrego
  1. Green Light || Lorde
    I thought I didn't like it but I listened to it again and I realized I was wrong what a great song I'm jamming
  2. Divide || Ed Sheeran
    This is so good and it's such an amazing mix of songs I'm obsessed I love his love songs, his breakup songs, and those IRISH FOLK SONGS. Y'all I'm living for this!! || favorite songs: Castle on the Hill, Shape of You, Perfect, Happier, How Would You Feel, Supermarket Flowers, Nancy Mulligan, Save Myself
  3. chapter one: blue || Bea Miller
    I really love these 3 songs. They're really intense and emotional and I'm obsessed with it. I just really like her voice and how her music is advancing.
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I usually rank them, but I'm just too excited about everyone of them to rank them!!!!
  1. Heather Morris and Maks Chmerkovskiy
    Heather Morris is trained in basically everything but ballroom, and was on SYTYCD. I would be genuinely surprised if she wasn't good. I felt like Maks's season with Amber was a bit of a let down (and I always loved Maks on past season, so that was a bummer). I hope this is a good match, and I would be surprised if they didn't end up in the finals.
  2. Rashad Jennings and Emma Slater
    I AM SO EXCITED FOR EMMA THIS SEASON!!! She finally has a partner who is over the age of 18 and under the age of 65. I really would love to see her skills this season, and that's definitely a possibility with football's reputation on this show. From looking at Rashad's Instagram, he seems to be a likable guy. I really hope to see them have some fun, and dance well.
  3. Chris Kattan and Witney Carson
    I really love this matchup. I feel like even when Witney has a weaker dancer, she is really able to bring out their personality. I see the two of them being really fun. I'll have to wait to see him dance first to see if I think he'll make it far. But I feel like their first dance will be a really fun cha cha and I can't wait!
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So many good looks tonight, I'm still not sure which ones my favorite.
  1. Janelle Monáe
  2. Leslie Mann
  3. Taraji P. Henson
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  2. Gina Rodriguez
  3. Emma Stone
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alright @veshecco here's five songs on pretty much every one of my playlists (besides my super super upbeat ones which are rare)
  1. Gravity || Sara Bareilles
    one of the best. it ends up on so many of my playlists because i feel like it covers so much ground. it's calming to listen to, it's about unrequited love, but it's also about letting it go.
  2. Thunder || Boys Like Girls
    one of my all time favorites. it's got the perfect amount of nostalgia in it and i feel like there's not too many mentions of love so it could be on playlists about friendship and summer memories but also about boys.
  3. Hurricane || Parachure
    the two standout lines ("i feel it like a hurricane","everybody knows i didn't want it to be end) fit a number of situations, so it really belongs on a lot of playlists.
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  1. You start a book and take 5 years to finish it
    I started reading 1984 2 years ago. Still not done.
  2. You're uncomfortable around kids
    Even my nieces and nephews. I love you, but I'm uncomfortable
  3. You're the happiest around dogs and cats
    I saw 5 dogs while I was driving yesterday, it was the best day ever.l
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I am perpetually single || This could also be titled favorite break up songs, unrequited love songs, or fuck you songs || inspired after writing this list: https://li.st/chloeabzzz/my-favorite-love-songs-2kD4Nf8NMIFFyTXV4dN1an
  1. Better Man || Little Big Town
    "I just miss you and I just wish you were a better man"
  2. Dancing On My Own (cover) || Calum Scott
    "I'm giving it my all,but I'm not the guy you're taking home"
  3. December || Neck Deep
    "I hope you get your ballroom floor, your perfect house with rose red doors"
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a list of people, places, and things that are on my dunzo list.
  1. The chairs at my school with wheels and desks that move all the way out.
    They are the worst and I'm always one misstep away from falling off of it.
  2. The person who designed the bathrooms at my school to have 7 sinks and 2 awkwardly placed soap dispensers.
    I don't wanna reach over some other person just to get some soap.
  3. The 50 Republican senators who voted to confirm Betsy DeVos.
    Sorry you all like money more than children and education.
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